VSIS-EU Ground Loop Isolator

The Viewsonics Ground Loop Isolator (VSIS-EU):  The Viewsonics VSIS-EU Ground Isolator is used to eliminate the hum and horizontal bars caused by ground loops. When two or more devices are connected to a common ground through different paths, ground path noise or a ground loop can occur. This is actually quite common in home cable systems, even those that are well designed. The result of a ground loop is audio hum and/or horizontal bars in the TV picture.

If “beefing up" conventional ground connections and establishing solid ground points in your cable system does not resolve these problems, then a Viewsonics Ground Isolator is the most reliable way to fix it. The Viewsonics VSIS-EU creates an electrical open on BOTH the center conductor and the outside shield, designed to work from 0-100Hz (DC current and AC current frequencies). The isolator allows cable signals above 100Hz to pass regardless of whether a ground differential exists between the two connection points.  It is virtually invisible to cable boxes and cable modems.



Insertion Loss:

0.7dB Maximum 5-550MHz
1.5dB Maximum 550-860MHz

Return Loss:

12dB Typical 5-10MHz
16dB Minimum 10-600MHz
12dB Minimum 600-860MHz

Breakdown Voltage:

2120 VDC >1 minute

Max Leakage Current:

65dB Nominal


75 Ohms

 Meets UK spec BS6513, MPT1510, and MPT1520
including shock hazard high voltage (Hi-pot 2120 Volt DC)

$27.00 USD

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